Yoshiro Okazaki Ph.D
Heart soothing hospitality in Bangladesh

Dear Faruque San, Thank you very much for your tremendous support and kindness for our tour. I want to keep in touch and come back every year. Again, we all appreciate your kind support this time. Thanks and regards, --------------------------- Yoshiro Okazaki Ph.D Associate Professor

Mr. Masatsugu Nakatsuka
What an experience you can have in Bangladesh!

This time, thanks to the introduction by my dear friend Kanon-san, I had the opportunity to experience this "Padma River Cruise." Especially during this rainy season, children have fewer chances to play outside and are forced to commute by car. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fewer opportunities to dine out or go shopping with children, so I was thinking about finding something to entertain them outdoors. That's when I received this suggestion. I was somewhat skeptical about this tour, considering the concerns about both the coronavirus and the air pollution in Bangladesh. However, it turned out to be a series of pleasantly "unexpected" experiences. About a one-and-a-half-hour drive south from downtown Dhaka, the scenery opens into rural landscapes as we head towards the boarding point. I was a bit worried about whether we could board a cruise ship from such a place, but the cruise ship itself was full of handmade charm... or rather, it was a "two-story houseboat"! Even if I had some anxiety when boarding, it quickly vanished once we were on the ship. First, we enjoyed a peaceful lake cruise. The lake was clean without any trash (such places exist in Bangladesh!), and fishing nets were set up here and there to catch fish. Fishermen were busy catching fish in various spots. Moreover, being on the water was pleasantly cool even without air conditioning, and we glided along the mainstream of the Padma River, feeling the soothing breeze and being surrounded by 360-degree natural beauty.